And for my next trick ……………

One of the reasons why the Catholic Church remains such a powerful force is that it is beyond ridicule.

The fast-track sanctification of John Paul II is a case in point.

The two ‘miracles’ attributed to him are so absurd and beg so many questions it’s hard to know where to start.

A miracle is defined as “an effect of nature not attributable to any of the operations of nature nor to the act of man, but indicative of a superhuman power”.

Karol Wojtyla couldn’t have acted in human form to cure the two women – one of Parkinson’s disease and the other of cerebral aneurism – because he happened to be dead at the time.

Medics can’t explain why the French nun and woman from Costa Rica recovered. As they apparently had recently prayed to the ghost of the late Pope, this is deemed the only possible explanation for returning to full health. Yeah, right!

By this zany reasoning, anyone who inexplicably gets well without medical assistance is potentially the beneficiary of some form of supernatural intervention.

If, for the sake of argument, we accept that John Paul II took pity on these two living souls, how did they become the chosen ones? And if he really does have this divine power beyond the grave, why does he limit it to such a low number? (I imagine believers will maintain that there are countless others that we don’t know about).

If such recoveries are possible, why do the prayers of millions of suffering people go unanswered? Maybe they are using the wrong form of words or simply asking the wrong person. Perhaps they are too sinful to merit a miraculous cure.

We need to know what these two women did right and what everyone else is doing wrong.