One of the highlights of a recent trip to Perugia was an exhibition in the Palazzo della Penna entitled L’arte è un romanzo (Art is a novel)  which opened on 24 April 2013 and runs until 1st September.

Curated by  Luca Beatrice, this examines how visual art influences books and how books influence contemporary art.

The exhibition is divided into 20 ‘chapters’  and includes photographs, paintings, illustrations, video installations, sculptures and quotations including section on cheap romance, literary classics, science fiction and books for kids.

With such a wide variety of works there is no single theme that stands out but it’s a lively and stimulating show.

While presenting a fresh perspective on our image dominated culture, it is a reminder that words still matter.

My photo shows the centrepiece of the exhibition : Asnería conceived by Pilar Albarracìn – a stuffed donkey surrounded by a mountain of books.