A friend of mine posted this , apparently true, story on Facebook which is so good I’m repeating it here verbatim:

“During the week a friend of my brothers was eating in a restaurant in Dublin when who should come in but Bono, with a friend.

Being too embarrassed to approach the table to ask for an autograph, he decided to wait until Bono went to the loo and then went over to ask his friend if he thought it would be ok if he asked for an autograph after they had finished eating. The fiend said he’d pass the message on.

After the meal, the friend called the fella over and he joined them for a chat. They took some photos and then he thanked them and returned to his table. Bono and friend subsequently left.

Later when the fella went to pay, the waiter told him that his bill had been taken care of…

He was taken aback. “What, Bono paid for me?”

The waiter replied, “No sir, his friend, Mr Springsteen did…”