adrian_mitchellThe late Adrian Mitchell (1932 – 2008) is one of my favourite poets.

I was fortunate enough to see him perform a couple of times in London.

He was a lovely, gentle yet passionate man.

One of his great strengths was being able to see the world through the eyes of children particularly those who didn’t quite fit in and felt isolated.

Like this poem called Dumb Insolence:

I’m big for ten years old
Maybe that’s why they get at me

Teachers, parents, cops
Always getting at me

When they get at me

I don’t hit ‘em
They can do you for that

I don’t swear at em
They can do you for that

I stick my hands in my pockets
And stare at them

And while I stare at them
I think about sick

They call it dumb insolence

They don’t like it
But they can’t do you for it

I’ve been done before
They say if I get done again

They’ll put me in a home
So I do dumb insolence