What’s the connection between these two buildings in London?

Where would you rather live?



The one on the left is Hampton Court an 18th Century building in Richmond.

The one on the right is The Alexandra and Ainsworth Council Estate (commonly known as Rowley Way) in Camden which was completed in 1978.
The connection between the two is that they are both Grade II listed buildings which means they are officially designated as “particularly important buildings of more than special interest”.

I’m guessing that most will have answered that Hampton House is the most desirable of the two. But think of all the cleaning and the overwhelming scale of the house. There would be no neighbours to chat with either.

The council housing may not look that appealing from this photo. A typical example of brutalist architecture and the epitome of a concrete jungle, perhaps?

If you think this, you should watch the movie (see link below) – One Below The Queen: Rowley Way Speaks.

This was shot a couple of years ago by resident Matthew Rosenberg and other people who live there. It’s a very interesting film for anyone interested in the concept of social housing.

It includes interviews with the architect Neave Brown and residents speak candidly about what they like and loathe about living there (there’s more info on the estate website).

It doesn’t gloss over the negative aspects but I ended up thinking this seems a cool place to live. See what you think.