scudsScud Mountain Boys made two albums in 1995 while sitting around a kitchen table.

Their chief lyricist Joe Pernice explained : “None of us like particularly polished recordings. We like little mistakes and stuff”

They started out as a rock band called the Scuds named after the missiles fired in the Gulf War but realised that playing slow tempo ‘slacker country’ was more fun than plugging in and playing loud.

These two albums – Pine Box & Dance The Night Away have now been re-re-released by One Little Indian as The Early Year.

Not only that, but after 14 years of not speaking to one another, the boys have kissed and made up.

They have a new record which poses the question: Do You Love The Sun?

This title may sound bright and optimistic but the boys are not much cheerier than they were last century.

If miserablist lo-fi country is your bag then go to it.

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