MorrisseyWhat is up with Morrissey?

Recently he has cancelled more gigs than he’s played, is without a record contract and now comes news that his autobiography is not, after all, going to be published by Penguin.

Apparently, the book was due to hit the stores on September 16th,  a fact that frankly I find hard to believe as there are no review copies and there has been relatively very little hype.

All we have to prove that some writing exists (part of 600 pages) is a story The Bleak Moor Lies  which appeared  in The Dark Monarch: Magic & Modernity In British Art edited by Michael Bracewell, Martin Clark and Alun Rowlands (Tate Publishing).

This shows Mozza’s childhood fears and fascinations over the moors murders in Yorkshire which was the subject of The Smiths’ song Suffer Little Children.

The impression I get is that Morrissey is in a bad way physically and mentally. He’s always prided himself in being an individual but of late he seems an increasingly isolated figure who needs some good mates to get him back on track.  I hope this happens soon.

Here he is with The Smiths at their most majestic, introduced by Ivor Cutler no less  – remember him this way