Silvio Berlusconi defecates live on Italian TV.

Silvio Berlusconi defecates live on Italian TV.

In Italy they are calling it a video message but the European press are rightly calling it a rant and a tirade.

Silvio Berlusconi, a man who knows no shame, is not merely ridiculous but dangerous.

He claims once more that he is an honest, decent man who is just trying to serve the country he loves.

Today he railed against the injustices he has had to endure but the very fact that he is allowed to voice this criticism in a 16 minute uninterrupted political discourse on national television is a further example of the corrupt and biased media which lie at the root of the Italy’s crisis.

True democracy is only possible when citizens can base their views on an even-handed presentation of facts and opinions.

The right-wing party’s manipulation of the ‘public service'(!) broadcasting makes a mockery of the notion of a free press.

Berlusconi is a liar and a crook who has been found guilty time and time again of crimes but shamelessly continues to declare his complete innocence.

That a man who is so lacking in any moral standards can still be in a position of power and count on a substantial support among the voters makes me despair for Italy and, by extension, the whole human race.