Anima della stanza (The soul of a room) by Carlo Cola

In front of his painting Casa Orowitz at Palazzo del Capitano – Sala del Ridotto, Cesena

Do rooms haves souls?

If you stand before any painting by Carlo Cola, you will believe they do.

Carlo captures something that goes beyond banal details. What we discover in his work is the spirit of the spaces he represents.

He doesn’t show us any precise detail since ornaments, furniture and everyday household objects are blurred in a hazy, impressionist way.

This enables him present the warmth and humanity without us ever seeing who actually lives and work in these rooms. Without the human presence, all that remains is the atmosphere and its feels almost voyeuristic, as if we are snooping on someone’s private space.

I had only seen reproductions before seeing around twenty of his works in the gallery space at Palazzo del Capitano in Cesena near where the artist lives and works. The beauty of the colours and the textures only add to the experience of these marvelous paintings.

Meeting Carlo too was a buzz too particularly as he is such a humble man with no airs and graces.

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