SIMPLE LIVING – 30 DAYS TO LESS STUFF & MORE LIFE by Lorilee Lippincott (Free Kindle ebook)

The clean slate of a new year is as good a time as any to strive towards a goal of achieving a simpler life and an uncluttered existence.

This slim volume will take little more than a couple of hours to read but significantly longer to put its recommendations into practice.

What the splendidly named Lorilee Lippincott advocates is “right-sizing your life” on the principle that if we get our heads and homes more organised, we have more time to focus on things we really need and love.

She encourages the reader to take quiet time to dream and visualise an ideal way of living alongside practical tips such as getting your underwear drawer organised and tidying the kitchen. Each chapter is the form of a lesson with a homework task.

This is not an overtly political book although the advocacy of a non-materialistic lifestyle is in direct opposition to the conventional capitalist system which encourages us to buy more and think less.

Some might take issue with her advice on simplifying our diets since she recommends cutting out meat and moving towards Veganism. I personally support her argument that eating more ethically is good for personal health and for the wellbeing of the planet.

Where I part company with her is in linking all these common sense ideas and ideals to religion. Lippincott describes herself as a Christian Minimalist who is constantly searching for ways she can best serve God; near the end she writes: “As a family, we strive to live like and become closer to Christ, and as we do we become a stronger family”.

Fortunately, this faith-driven perspective is not the book’s primary aim so I take comfort from the thought that even heathens like me can learn to adopt healthier, wealthier and wiser practices in the year ahead.


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