Just enjoyed reviewing Uncle Tupelo’s No Depression which is reissued tomorrow for the second time.

This time around it has gained the prestigious status of a Sony Legacy Edition and is bulked out to a hefty 35 track double CD.

Many of such releases aim to get punters to buy records they already have, often with some scrappy outtakes that never made the final cut for a good reason. This Sony product, however, includes tracks that any true fan of Alternative Country (whatever that is) needs to hear.

The rough around the edges demos prove what a dynamic band UT were in their day – full of  youthful punk attitude yet had a healthy respect for the rebel music of the past. Blues Die Hard is particularly great and ,for once, the alternate takes merit inclusion.

The whole package had me listening again to Uncle Tupelo’s back catalogue along with The Flying Burrito Brothers & Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music. Alt.Country’s not Dead.

Check out the grainy quality of Uncle Tupelo’s first TV appearance and feel the energy: