WHITE HILLS live at the Bronson Club, Ravenna, Italy – 23rd April 2015

White Hills got a cameo spot in Jim Jarmusch’s Vampire flick ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ and being a cult band in a cult movie is as close to superstardom as they are likely to get.

Undeterred by a lack of mass following, they continue to put out great albums, the latest Walks For Motorists (which I reviewed for Whisperin’ & Hollerin), is well represented in the show tonight. From it, they kick off with the punchy No Will which morphs into the motorik drone of Lead The Way.

Svelte Dave W is the kind of front man every band should have, exuding power and passion while looking like a cross between Alice Cooper and Johnny Thunders. He is dressed head to toe in black (with panda style eye shadow) and wears the obligatory rock god leather pants.

By his side is Ego Sensation (probably not her real name!) who is more like a Glam Rock Queen – platinum blonde hair,  pink lurex pants, shiny gold top, bright red lipstick.

Neither are Spring chickens but, hell, you’re as old as you feel and they each pull off their respective brash images with aplomb.

In a well paced set ranging from tight psych-rock riffs and punk thrash to looser electronica pieces they have style and energy to spare.

Like fellow New Yorkers Oneida, who I saw at the same venue a few weeks back, they are the kind of band that prompt me to listen to Can’s back catalogue since these Krautrockers are the  closest to the wavelength they are on.

Definitely a band I’d heartily recommend catching live if they are ever playing down your way.