Fabio begs to Foo Fighter: pleeeeease come to Cesena!

Fabio Zaffagrini begs to Foo Fighters: pleeeeease come to Cesena!

When you have a dream you have to let it fly. This is exactly what Fabio Zaffagrini did. He wanted to persuade Foo Fighters to play a concert in my home town of Cesena, Italy. The band  played a small club here in 1997 but that was before they achieved their current stadium-filling status,  The chances of them returning appeared slim or non existent – but not anymore! Thanks to Fabio and his assembled team (the “crazy ones”) of Rockin’ 1000, it now seems only a matter of time (and logistics) before this great gig takes place. This is the consequence of an amazing one-off open-air performance of one song (Learn To Fly) at the city’s Parco Ippodromo. This was no ordinary cover version but involved  1000 performers: 250 drummers, 250 singers, 350 guitarists and 150 bassists conducted by Marco Sabiu. In their crowd funded campaign the decision was taken “to organize something that kicks ass worldwide”  and this video, brilliantly directed by Anita Rivarcoli, has done just that:

Now that the video has gone viral, it it safe to say that this is a case of mission accomplished! Dave (Davide!) Grohl was moved to resond like this:

 Passion, inspiration, creativity and sheer determination have made this dream fly.

The mayor and the local council of Cesena have been holding countless meetings trying to work out how to make the city more well-known as  a tourist destination. This 7-minute video has achieved what no amount of political wheeler-dealing could do.

People have the power!

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