If quiet peopleyou are an introvert and someone tells you that you have to get out more or otherwise change your ways, here are five reasons why you should politely ignore this advice and feel quietly superior:

  1. We navigate away from crowds and habitually despise the herd instinct. While the blind lead the blind,  introverts follow their own path and neither seek nor invite followers.

  1. We get stressed by small talk. Not for us that constant chit-chat about the weather, holidays, work habits, families blah blah blah. We crave big talk of elephants in rooms, of grand canyons and deep rivers. We prefer to contemplate our puny place in the universe rather than the puny details of our daily lives. We prefer writing to talking anyway. Hence you’re more likely to find us blogging not bragging.
  1. We are easily distracted but rarely bored. Daydreamers we may be but our imaginations are full of rich and beautiful possibilities not dead ends
  1. We think before we speak and look before we leap. This gives weight to our words and grace to our actions. This also makes us the best listeners because we are not constantly trying to impose our egos on you.
  1. We enjoy their own company yet are loyal friends. Who needs the needy. If you socialize with extroverts you’ll just be one of an anonymous gang. Introverts are more precious – some might call us elitist , but we are merely discerning. There is a difference.