ROCKIN’ 1000 – THAT’S LIVE : Orogel Stadium, Cesena, Italy 24th July 2016

arockin4Talkin’ ’bout a revolution?

Well, if you define a revolution as a popular uprising for the common good of the people, then that is exactly what we witnessed last night at a soccer stadium in Cesena in a unique event organized by Rockin’1000.

This time last year Cesena rocked the world with a one-off mass performance of ‘Learn To Fly’.

The stirring video of this went viral and brought tears to the eyes of Dave Grohl. It achieved the goal of getting The Foo Fighters to play in this small provincial town in Emilia-Romagna (Population 97,000) .

This is the video:


For those about to rock. How the stadium looked before the start of the show.

This year, the aim was to kick ass worldwide once again and play, not just one song, but a full concert.

As before this was the brainchild/wild dream of Fabio Zaffagnini a modest spokesman for the project who is always at pains to point out that this a team mission that could not succeed without others having the same level of passion, creativity, madness and belief in miracles.

Rockin’1000 had sponsors but, crucially, this is not a project conceived and funded by corporate bodies. A Crowdfunding target was set at €100,000 and they exceeded this easily, ending up raising €161,940 .


Here we are now – entertain us! The show in its full ragged glory.

The show that this money paid for was billed as ‘The Biggest Rock Band on Earth’ with over 1000 guitarists, bassists, drummers, singers, violinists and even a small band of bagpipe players playing a two-hour spectacular of “the songs that made the history of rock”.

The set list ranged from Eddie Cochran’s ‘C’mon Everytbody’, to Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and included other classics from Verve, Black Keys, The Ramones, The Clash, The Beatles (Come Together), The Rolling Stones, White Stripes, Blur, AC/DC, David Bowie (Rebel Rebel), Neil Young (Rocking For The Free World) and  a medley of Led Zeppelin riffs. There was of course another rousing rendition of Learn To Fly!

It was a sight and sound to behold!

World renowned producer Marco Sabiu (who has worked with artists like Pavarotti, Morricone and Kylie Minogue) deserves credit for conducting the musicians with great skill and style but the heartwarming thing about this project is that it is built out of a genuinely altruistic spirit. This is truly not about individuals, instead it is a movement with a collective energy.

What a buzz to witness this peaceful gathering, to be a cog in something turning, to show that working together without ego can result in something so positive and exciting. This is a world away from passive entertainment packages that dull the mind and crush the soul.

At the end, Fabbio Zaffagnini made a speech in English calling this show a ‘revolution’ and making a plea for the end of world conflict.

Needless to say, the Rockin’ 1000 movement will not topple governments or end wars but as a force for positive change it proves that through the force of Rock’n’Roll we can dare to believe that, in the words of Patti Smith: “People have the power – the power to dream, to rule – to wrestle the earth from fools”.

Here is the official video: