DEADPOOL 2 directed by David Leitch (USA, 2018)

deadpoolThe seemingly unstoppable tide of superhero spin-offs and spoofs continues apace and, not coincidentally, is inversely proportional to the feelings of powerlessness we humble spectators face in our daily lives.

The R-Rated X-Men movie Deadpool 2 takes for granted that its target audience are well-versed in big screen incarnations of Marvel /DC stories.

The numerous in-jokes are a reward for enduring the best and worst of this genre. For instance, Deadpool calls Cable, the square-jawed part-Cyborg, ‘Thanos’, the part the actor (Josh Brolin) also plays in the latest Avengers movie. There are wisecracks directed at the universally panned Batman vs Superman and Ryan Reynolds even sends up his starring role in the box office flop The Green Lantern.

The film adopts a pseudo-subversive tone by self-consciously acknowledging how the casting and clichéd plot lines are manipulated to guarantee the maximum number of sequels.

Deadpool knows that his fans see through the bullshit and plays up the escapist entertainment with a brutally efficient air of cynicism. The self referential puns come thick and fast, exposing gaps in my knowledge of popular culture and detachment from those laughing hysterically beside and behind me in the cinema.