Screen shot 2019-12-31 at 18.08.08Since 2013 I have set myself a challenge of reading 50 books a year and then I track my progress on Good Reads.

I fell three short in the first year but have hit my target ever since. This year I gave the maximum five star rating to six titles:
Educated by Tara Westover A heartwarming story of survival and success against tall odds
Hello Americans – Volume 2 of Simon Callow’s biography of Orson Welles (I aslo gave 5 stars to volume 1 and plan to read volume 3 in 2020)
The Overstory by Richard Powers. A complex but brilliantly layered novel with an urgent environmental message.
Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. A life changing book. Since reading it I feel guilty each time I fail to get 8 hours’ sleep a night.
Beloved by Toni Morrsion. A re-read following Morrison’s death. Even more powerful the second time around.
The Wave In The Mind by Ursula K. Le Guin. A diverse and illuminating set of essays that are full of wisdom and humanity.
• Permanent Record by Edward Snowden. A superbly written memoir that reveals a lot about the author but even more about the scary surveillance we are all subject to.

Recently, I’ve lost patience with plot-less postmodernism and am more drawn to novels with good stories. I suspect that in 2020 I will also read more biographies and other non-fiction in an attempt to make some sense of a world that gets crazier by the day.

I am a pessimist at heart so I don’t really expect to find definitive answers but I still retain enough curiosity to keep asking questions while plugging the many gaps in my knowledge.