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Micahel Fassbender ponders how he got talked into playing the role of Steve Jobs.

STEVE JOBS directed by Danny Boyle (USA, 2015)

The remarkable life of Steve Jobs cannot possibly be condensed into 122 minutes without making significant compromises. You have to distort events to create a cinematic reality. The problem of Danny Boyle’s movie, however, is that the bounds of credibility are pushed too far.

Scripted by Aaron Sorkin from William Isaacson’s biography, it takes such monumental liberties with the facts that what we are left with is a crude approximation of a complex man rather than a detailed insight into what elevated him to greatness.

His relationship with daughter Lisa may have been significant in real life but it’s hard to believe that she had such a major influence on his working philosophy.

In one key scene, Lisa works alone to ‘paint’ a picture on the early Mac causing Jobs’s hard heart to melt. It’s a touching moment but it never actually happened. It only serves to make you wonder how many other details in the movie are made up. The prominence given to the father-daughter relationship is all the more bizarre since Jobs’s wife and three children don’t figure in the story at all. Continue reading

MONEYBALL directed by Bennett Miller (2011)

“By my calculations, we’ll win the match and you’ll win an Oscar”

As an Englishman, I imagine that watching Brad Pitt in a movie about baseball is similar to an American watching Colin Firth in a film about cricket.

Personally, I’m not a great cricket lover although I know the rules and I can understand how people get passionate about the game.

Of baseball I know next to nothing and, above all, I can’t quite understand why it generates such excitement in the U.S. This is a major handicap when it comes to enjoying a film like Moneyball. Continue reading

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