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Who wants to watch an entire film about veganism? Well, I do but I am already converted to the cause so I don’t really count.

Comedian Simon Amstell is aware that preaching to the choir isn’t going to change hearts, minds and eating habits. His savvy BBC film is therefore aimed at the not so silent majority who still cling to the outdated notion that being a vegan is unachievable, extremist and faintly ridiculous. Continue reading


“The consumption of animals is immoral, unethical, and environmentally destructive. Most of all, it is unnecessary”.

This is one of the core beliefs of the Winsome Constance Kindness Trust founded by Philip Wollen.  He is a vegan and he explained why in an interview with VeganEasy.org.

Wollen’s impassioned speech as part of a 2012 debate in Melbourne, Australia in favor of the motion: Animals Should Be Off The Menu is so brilliant that I am sharing and recommending it anywhere and to anyone I can.

The result of the debate was: 73.6% for the motion, 19.3% against, 6.9% undecided.

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