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Tom Carter who, with ex-wife and musical partner Christina, makes up one half of Charalambides had more opportunity than most for self reflection this year but not in the happiest of circumstances.

During a UK tour he was struck down with severe pneumonia and spent long periods in isolation as part of his treatment. Due to the absurd health system, this also meant he faced huge medical bills.

Thankfully, if his prolific contributions to Twitter are anything to go by, he now seems to be on the road to recovery. One of his Tweets was to the effect that, this year, instead of making lists of the best new albums, we should go back to past years and check if those records we raved about have stood the test of time.

While I understand where he’s coming from, for me, one of the key appeals of contemporary music is that it fuels an insatiable desire for something truly radical and fresh. Needless to say, 2012 passed with plenty of good new sounds to enjoy but nothing that could be described as life changing. Continue reading


Tom Carter

Following from yesterday’s post about the financial risks of being sick or injured in the US of A, Tom Carter guitarist with Charalambides , one of my favourite bands, is currently recovering from pneumonia he contracted while on tour in the UK.

Fortunately, he seems to be out of immediate danger but his medical bills are still crippling.

You can help him, and listen to some great music at the same time, by buying an eleven track album of drone, noise and acoustic bliss through bandcamp.

A snip at $10.

Really saddened to hear that Tom Carter of the duo Charalambides was taken critically ill with pneumonia while on tour  in Europe. He is currently in intensive care in hospital in Berlin.

Charalambides were one of the first bands that symbolised all that is great about the free folk movement that, for better or worse, has been grouped under the umbrella label New Weird America. I set up a group in their honour on Last.Fm.

Glasgow’s Volcanic Tongue record store  have established a page where they will post regular updates on his condition.

All the proceeds from titles featuring Tom and Christina Carter or Charalambides sold by VT will go direct to Tom and his family as well as all sales of releases on Blackest Rainbow Recordings.

For more details please go here: http://volcanictongue.com/tomcarterappeal.

A massive 94 track tribute album has just been released in honor of Lee Jackson, a Dallas-based music writer who passed away in late March 2012 aged 38 after a struggle with ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.
He’s not someone I’d heard of before but the scale of this project makes me think I missed someone I should have read or at least read about.
The album is compiled by Mats Gustafsson, Travis Johnson and Ned Raggett and is described in this way on the Bandcamp site:
“This collection of songs, nearly all of which are new or previously unreleased, comes from the many bands and musicians who Lee not only covered and celebrated with such passion, but also in many cases befriended over many years of correspondence, concert and festival attendance and more”.

Among the artists who make me sit up and take notice are : Charalambides, Valerio Cosi, Six Organs of Admittance, Marissa Nadler,Kemialliset Ystävät, Roy Montgomery ,Vanessa Rossetto and I’d hazard a guess that many of the less familiar names  are well worth checking out too.

The tracks are streamable at Bandcamp or, better still, the whole package can be purchased for $30 with all profits going  to the Texas chapter of the ALS Association..
The download version contains 12 hours of music plus  full information about each song as well as thoughts about the contributing artists, taken from Lee’s writing work.
Good cause, good writing, good music – looks like a no-brainer to me.


Cover images of my top 15 favourite albums of 2011.

2011 was without a doubt P.J.Harvey‘s year. Let England Shake was the best album  by a mile and her interviews and concerts confirmed her as an artist at the top of her game.

Otherwise, this was a year for renewing old acquaintances rather than making fresh discoveries.

The welcome return of Gillian Welch (and Dave Rawlings) was an event and the album proved well worth the eight year wait.

It was also a nice surprise  that Charalambides released another Kranky studio work, a belated follow-up to 2007’s Likeness and as consistently excellent as ever. Continue reading

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