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The democratic lesson of Donald Trump


103666044-rtx2aqxh-530x298Donald Trump’s shocking win in the US election is a victory for the democratic process and a catastrophe for the human race.

As Brexit showed, having a vote offers a unique opportunity for the middle-mass of common men and women to express a collective ‘fuck you’ to the establishment. In so doing, they make a mockery of media pundits, self-appointed experts and pollsters.

The gospel according to The Clash in ‘Know Your Rights‘ reads : “You have the right to free speech as long as you’re not dumb enough to actually try it”.  With the option to have your voice heard being notoriously limited, the ballot box can be used as a weapon – one of the few ways in which the ordinary citizen can ‘speak’ his or her mind. Continue reading



Not too sure what to blog about today so I’ll give the floor to Joe Strummer and co. for a public service announcement (with guitars!) that never dates:

You have the right not to be killed – You have the right to food money  – You have the right to free speech  + you have the right to take pictures of police brutality.

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