The acceptable face of journalism : Steve Coogan being interviewed by The Guardian's Alan Rusbridger

“It’s all about being decent” is the line that sums up Steve Coogan’s arguments against the way the press abused their powers and intruded on his privacy.

He has been at the forefront of the campaign to expose the dirty tactics in the UK media and one of the victims of the phone hacking scandal currently being investigated by The Leveson Inquiry.

In a video interview with The Guardian’s Alan Rusbridger, he looks nervous and uncomfortable but pumped up too. He’s among those who is mad as hell at the and is not prepared  take it anymore.

Coogan constantly states that he is happy to be judged by his work as a popular/populist entertainer but does not accept that being in the public eye means his every move and mistake should be publicly scrutinised. Continue reading