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A strong leader stands in an un-drained swamp.

“It’s so easy to laugh,
It’s so easy to hate,
It takes guts to be gentle and kind”
Lyrics by Morrissey to ‘I Know It’s Over’ by The Smiths

A recent survey carried out by the newspaper La Repubblica  found that 80% of Italians think the country needs to be run by “un uomo forte” (a strong man). In 2006, only 55% of the populace subscribed to this view while 60% held this belief in 2010.

This rising trend is worrying and depressing on many counts. It indicates that more and more voters are willing to be represented by leaders solely on the basis that they adopt strong opinions and maintain a posture of decisiveness.

On the surface this may seem logical and uncontroversial. After all, who would want a leader to be weak and indecisive? The problem lies with what exactly is meant by the word ‘strong’. Continue reading



I never have been what you might call a ladies man.

For years I cursed the guys my age who seemed to get laid regularly despite being as thick as two short planks.

Why didn’t women appreciate strong silent types like me who were deep not macho? 

This short piece was written in a slough of despond yet offers a glimmer of hope that my fortunes were about to change.


It started with a chat up line I’d memorised from a ‘how to pull’ tabloid article.
‘”Can I buy you several drinks?”
The girl at the bar looked bored and gave me a vacant stare that could be interpreted as ‘yeah’, ‘nah’ or ‘fuck off’.
“Maybe” she conceded.
“Please yerself” I said.
Act casual. Plenty more fish.
“Ok then, just one though”
“What’ll it be?”
“Bacardi and coke” Continue reading

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