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HAMLET directed by Laurence Olivier (1948)
HAMLET directed by Franco Zefferelli (1990)


How about this as a summary of Shakespeare’s most famous play turned movie?:

“This is the tragedy of a man who could not make up his mind.”.

If that seems too reductive, how about this:

“A guy comes home from school to discover that his father’s dead. To top it all off his mother is horsing around with his uncle. Add to that, the ghost of the old man comes back to tell him that it was his uncle who knocked him off so he could run off with the Queen. The guy goes off his nut”.

The first is Laurence Olivier’s voiceover before the main action begins.

The second is from an interview with Mel Gibson included in the extras on the DVD of Zefferelli’s film.

Frankly, neither really cuts the mustard but both are obviously aiming to pitch the story in an accessible fashion. Continue reading


THE GOD WHO WASN’T THERE directed by Brian Flemming (USA, 2005)

There is no solid evidence that God exists. Christian belief is based solely on faith and hope.

If you disagree with either these statements and say ‘What about the Bible’? then maybe you should watch this documentary.

Brian Flemming is a one time religious fundamentalist whose special relationship with Jesus came to an end when he began to see that so many of the ‘facts’ he was taught  came to seem more and more implausible.

Why should we place so much faith in the Gospels when these accounts were written 40 years after Christ’s death? Why do none of the wrtings shed any light of Jesus’ missing tears between 18 and 30?

We hear a lot about JC’s miraculous birth and how he was regarded as a child prodigy but from late adolescence and early adulthood we know next to nothing. Continue reading


IL GRIDO (The Cry) directed by Michelangelo Antonioni (Italy, 1957)

ilgridoIn real life, Steve Cochran was a notorious womanizer. Joan Crawford, Mae West and Jayne Mansfield were among his impressive list of conquests. His rough and ready good looks make him look like a younger Mel Gibson, the type of strong silent hunk that makes women who should know better swoon.

Steven Patrick Morrissey was apparently named this actor who was best known for supporting roles as gangsters or boxers and for appearances in a string of B-Movies.

In Il Grido (The Cry), Antononioni uses Cochran’s chick magnet potential with a degree of irony by casting him as a one woman man named Aldo. Continue reading

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