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TRAINSPOTTING 2 directed by Danny Boyle (UK, 2016)

trainspotting2posterI was a big fan of the 1970s British sit com ‘Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads’ in which two buddies meet up again after drifting apart for five years.

When they reconnect, one, Bob Ferris (Rodney Bewes) is nurturing nouveau riche trappings and getting settled into a cosy, middle-class suburban niche complete with a conventional, status conscious, fiancé. Meanwhile, Terry Collier (James Bolan) remains stubbornly working class. He is back from Germany after a failed marriage and a wound sustained during military service that he prefers not to talk about.

“What became of those people we used to be”, ran the show’s theme tune and this is also the unspoken question that hangs over Danny Boyle’s sequel to the hugely successly 1996 Trainspotting movie. Continue reading


THE ANGEL’S SHARE directed by Ken Loach (Scotland, 2012)

I’m getting a bit tired of Ken Loach movies. He’s like the Woody Allen of British cinema prolifically churning out film after film using the same production team; never worrying too much whether he is being in or out of fashion. And like Allen, his best work is behind him.

The recurring theme of his oeuvre is that a working class hero is something to be and if you want to be hero you have to follow the example of the lead character.

The problem with his latest movie is that you also have to be prepared to accept that a vicious hooligan can turn over a new leaf, become a whisky connoisseur and make enough money to start a new life. To believe this unlikely scenario it doesn’t pay to analyse the story too closely. Continue reading

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