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I Am Not Your Negro directed by Raoul Peck (USA, 2016)

The story of Black men and women in America is not a pretty one. This is an understatement. From slavery and segregation to the present day struggle to convince diehard bigots that their lives matter, the story is dominated by violence and oppression.

This sobering documentary may focus mainly on events from the past but it is no abstract history lesson.

The film is based on James Baldwin’s ‘Remember This House’, his uncompleted memoirs about Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Medgar Evers; three prominent civil rights activists who were all assassinated in the 1960s before they reached 40. Continue reading



It’s not hard to see why Unthinkable went straight to video. Australian director  Gregor Jordan makes a pig’s ear of the movie by going head on for shock value without bothering to give the drama any real substance or humanity.

Jordan clearly aimed to make a provocative movie that questions the use of torture as an interrogation method and challenges viewers to answer the question -‘How far would you be prepared to go to save your country?’

On paper it has the makings of an intriguing and thought-provoking movie which explains how he was able to attract an impressive cast. Despite their best efforts they can’t salvage this turkey. Continue reading

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