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‘Twin Peaks Season 3 – The Return’ directed by David Lynch

twinpIt goes without saying that David Lynch divides audiences. His surreal visions of the world and the tall tales he weaves are never going to be to everyone’s taste.

The naysayers continually complain of the absence of linear narrative in his work, or point to the wilful weirdness, the stilted dialogue and the wooden acting. Actually, a lot of the time, all these criticisms are valid but what count as weaknesses in other auteurs turn into strengths in the Lynchian universe. Continue reading


THE HATEFUL EIGHT directed by Quentin Tarantino (USA, 2015)

 hatefuleightPretty well every Tarantino movie has been accused of being gratuitously violent. By now viewers should know that at some point there’ll be some splatter.

Get used to it or stay away, I say.

But his 8th movie is hateful for other reasons. I found certain scenes distasteful because the sadistic elements were so plainly included for shock value alone.

I’m thinking in particularly of the flashback scene [spoiler alert] near the end. Continue reading

What makes a great soundtrack?

The marriage of action with visuals?

The creation of a unique atmosphere?

The use of familiar music in an unexpected way?

The introduction to a genre or artist you’ve never heard before?

Any of these would work for me – you will very rarely find all in one movie but any one can make the difference between a good movie and an out-and-out classic.
Here is a list (with a few clips) of sixteen of my favourites in A-Z order.

Note : not one of them is by the ubiquitous Hans Zimmer!

Continue reading


One of the coolest things about Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds is the multi-lingual dialogue. The standard formula in mainstream movies is for characters to adopt some dodgy accent to tell audiences that they are speaking a foreign tongue (witness Daniel Day Lewis in ‘Nine’).

In this movie we hear English, French, German and Italian with SS Jew hunter Col. Hans Landa (played brilliantly by Christoph Waltz) being the most linguistically gifted. Tarantino takes huge liberties with historical accuracy but when it comes to language he is deadly accurate.

With this simple gesture he exposes the ridiculous notion that audiences will be put off by having to read subtitles.

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