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At 2011’s Future Digital Innovation Awards, the app produced by Touch Press for  The Waste Land won the adult prize.

This doesn’t mean that the London-based digital publishers have sexed up T.S. Elliot’s epic poem but is, instead, a reward for a beautifully presented application that used the possibilities of the iPad  to the full.

I remember the excitement when CD Roms first came out only to find that these mostly proved to be clunky and uninspiring products. They now seem positively archaic by the side of the latest technology. Continue reading


A DANGEROUS METHOD directed by David Cronenberg (Canada, 2011)

"Trust me, I'm a doctor!"

‘Restrained’ and ‘tasteful’ are not adjectives I want to see associated with David Cronenberg.

It’s as incongruous as describing a Terry Gilliam as understated and temperate or David Lynch as cosy and reassuring.

For a film that deals with sexual behaviour and personal liberty you’d expect A Dangerous Method to stir up some healthy controversy. Yet, the normally provocative director seems intent on maintaining an uncharacteristic (and unwelcome) level of respectability.This means that Viggo Mortensen, who plays Sigmund Freud, is not being ironic when he calls it Cronenberg’s Merchant-Ivory film. Continue reading


The fact that John Hillcoat’s movie does not match the poignancy and depth of Cormac McCarthy’s masterful novel ‘The Road’ is no surprise but no disgrace either.
I can’t really think what  the Australian director could have done better – the performances are brilliant and the photography is sublime. The soundtrack by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis evokes the mood of sadness bordering on despair.

The insurmountable problem he faces is that it is simply impossible to translate
Cormac McCarthy’s poetry and lyricism into a visual language. Continue reading

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