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If quiet peopleyou are an introvert and someone tells you that you have to get out more or otherwise change your ways, here are five reasons why you should politely ignore this advice and feel quietly superior:

  1. We navigate away from crowds and habitually despise the herd instinct. While the blind lead the blind,  introverts follow their own path and neither seek nor invite followers.

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parisIn the wake of the horrific acts of terrorism in Paris, the hierarchy of Bologna University today instructed teachers to devote at least an hour’s time in the classroom to discuss the implications of and possible responses to this violence. The thinking behind this is well-intentioned but the practicalities are more than a little problematic.

Of course, in the long-term, we need to do more than change our profile picture on Facebook and light candles for the victims.

But what exactly are the parameters to such proposed discussions? What should be the responses to hate speak (e.g. All Muslims are scum) or apocalyptic solutions (e.g. Nuke Syria).

Such extreme reactions are understandable but should not be endorsed or legitimized.  The role of informed, calm-headed facilitator in any such debate is therefore crucial, but who moderates the moderators?

Teachers may be trained to impart facts about their specialist subjects but this does not automatically mean they have pearls of wisdom to offer to students on such political hot potatoes.

They may be older but this not necessarily make them wiser.

Talking is better than rushing to revenge but when wounds are still raw initiating an open-ended discussion could open up a can of worms that is hard to seal.

1. WRITING IS THERAPEUTIC.Blogging has a healing power. I find writing down my thoughts and ideas , even when not fully formed, is cathartic and makes me feel calmer, more balanced and less alone.


I wrote a post every single day from 1st January 2011  to 30th September 2013. It takes willpower or just plain bloody mindedness to persevere. I feel quite smug that I kept going for so long but I  finally waved the white flag when I was taking a week long break and had nothing scheduled.  Now I try to post something as regularly as I can secure in the knowledge that I have conquered the wimp within.

Tis-Better-to-be-brief3. BREVITY IS BEST.

Enough said?
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